O'Fusion Color

Ofusion Permanent Color Cream

Permanent hair coloring, low in ammonia.

BB technology
Protection of the hair fiber.
Long-lasting, vivid and glossy colors.
Greater intensity of the color, with natural shades.

Permanent hair coloring OFUSION, Enriched with Abyssinia Oleum, and developed under the BB concept, BEAUTY BALM HAIR TECHNOLOGY brings extra-brightness intensity, as well as a color longer durability.

In addition, due to its high quality ingredients and its low Ammonia content, it provides best hair care. The wide range of 92 colors of pure and vibrant tones is perfect for any kind of hair.

How to use

Mix the O´FUSION dye with the O´FUSION activating cream in 1+1 proportion.
Leave product on hair for 30 minutes.


BB technologies
Abyssinian oil phytosterols.
Nourishes deeply, improving the texture and providing exceptional shine.
hydrates the hair fiber.