About Aidha Klher

Specialists in hairdressing products for the best stylists and hairdresser in the world. We develop and innovate treatments specifically for the care and styling of your hair, offering the best solutions in hair cosmetics. A full range of highest quality hairdressing products at the service of professionals in the world of hairdressing.

Aidha Klher Professional emerged as a brand specializing in hair cosmetics in the professional hairdressing market, with products ranging from specialized permanent dyes to treatments and hair care.

More than 20 years experience in manufacturing and distribution, as well as the commitment to quality and investigation, guarantee a wide range of high quality hair products at the service of the best professionals and stylists. Aidha Klher’s capacity for technological innovation and the establishment of processes has permitted the company to also be involved in important product development projects in various foreign markets. Their commitment is to creating and maximizing a workforce which is highly motivated and distinctly service-oriented in the world of hairdressing, and to the continued improvement of products and processes. Working in a creative and innovative manner, taking care of the value of the brand and offering personalized attention to all their clients, regardless of their size.

The company’s aim is to consolidate itself as a benchmark brand in the markets where it operates, highlighting not only the quality of its products and services but also its innovative nature.

  • Pursuit of excellence and the implementation of continuous improvement systems at all levels of the organization.
  • Integrity and transparency in the fulfilment of our commitments to our clients and partners.
  • Decision-making based on ethics and sustainability, seeking the greatest benefit for both the company and society.
  • Maximum commitment to collaboration and teamwork to improve competitiveness and the service provided.
  • Development of an innovative and creative vision to provide maximum added value to our products and to the professional hairdressing market.