O'fusion cream

Ofusion Color Activator Cream

Perfumed activating color emulsion.

Activator in cream form for mixing.
Highly enriched activator with natural hydrating ingredients.
Brings softness, durability and shine to the hair fiber.
Pleasant smell

This perfumed color activating emulsion is specifically designed for using in all technical coloring work with OFUSION Permanent Color Cream

Its stabilized formula maintains the concentration of volumes for longer. Its creamy texture provides homogeneous mixing and application of color, helping to achieve optimal results as well as protecting the hair.

  • STABILIZED PEROXIDE CREAM 10V (3%). For shading and lighting slightly.
  • STABILIZED PEROXIDE CREAM 20V (6%). Makes hair up to two tones lighter.
  • STABILIZED PEROXIDE CREAM 30V (9%). Makes hair up to three tones lighter.
  • STABILIZED PEROXIDE CREAM 40V (12%). Maximum lightening powder.

How to use

Mix with O´FUSION PERMANENT COLOR CREAM in 1+1 proportion,
ensuring the correct homogeneity of the mix.


Stabilized peroxides.