Paso 1 Bond Connection

Bond Connection01

Care and protection during chemical processes.

Protects the hair during chemical processes.
Strengthens the hair fiber.
Reduces and prevents hair breakage.
Guaranteed results.

Step 01 Pentaplex, the perfect ally in all chemical processes that take place in hairdressing salons. . Care and protection in chemical processes. It is a multi-connector for keratin chains.

Bond Connection is mixed with dyes and hair bleaching products. Reduces and prevents hair breakage, penetrating into the interior of the hair stem, working to strengthen the structure.

How to use

Mix the corresponding dose with the other product that will be used.
Apply in the usual manner and leave on the hair for the time indicated on the other product, depending on the work being done.
Rinse and wash hair in the usual manner.


Quinoa hydrolysates.