Bond Restorer02
500 ml. / ref. NAK02027

Bond Restorer02

Sealing and regeneration of the hair fiber.

Seals and fixates keratin chains.
Offers shine, strength and flexibility.
Reinforces the action of bond connection 01.

Bond Restorer Step 02 Pentaplex, is a conditioner that seals and fixates keratin chains. Its double action reinforces phase 01, sealing the cuticle and supplying shine, strength and flexibility.

It acts on the 3 fundamental pillars of the hair: strength, flexibility and shine. It is designed to restore, repair, fill and seal hair fibers that have been subjected to chemical processes. Its derivatives of wheat protein, with sealing action, offer optimal anti-breakage benefits.

How to use

Select the corresponding dosage.
Shampoo hair as normal and rinse. Apply to hair and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes.
Rinse with plenty of water and brush as normal.


Quinoa hydrolysates.
Wheat proteins.