Oxidant Conditioning Cream
CREMA OXIDANTE 10V. 1000 ml. / ref. NAK01004
CREMA OXIDANTE 20V. 1000 ml. / ref. NAK01001
CREMA OXIDANTE 30V. 1000 ml. / ref. NAK01002
CREMA OXIDANTE 40V. 1000 ml. / ref. NAK01003

Oxidant Conditioning Cream

Oxidant cream for mixing with HAIR COLORING CREAM.

Oxidant cream for mixing.
Hair coloring cream activator.

This cream is for mixing with HAIR COLORING CREAM. It gives maximum care to hair fibers.

  • OXIDANT CREAM 10V (3%):For shading and lighting slightly.
  • OXIDANT CREAM 20V (6%): Makes hair up to two tones lighter.
  • OXIDANT CREAM 30V (9%): Makes hair up to three tones lighter.
  • OXIDANT CREAM 40V (12%): Maximum lightening power.

How to use

Mix with HAIR COLORING CREAM in 1+1 proportion
ensuring the correct homogeneity of the mix. Apply.


Stabilized peroxides.