suavizante para pelo con grasa

Oil Balance Restore Mask

Hydro-alcoholic solution specifically for the treatment of hair loss.

Treats hair loss problems.
Ideal supplement as specific treatment for hair loss.
Stimulates cell activity in the hair growing phase.
Facilitates oxygenation of the dermal papilla.
Facilitates blood micro-stimulation.

Hydro-alcoholic solution specifically for the treatment of hair loss. This is a hydro-alcoholic hair lotion, specific for hair loss problems. Its unique protein and essential amino-acids formula, with natural vitamins and stimulating enzymes is the perfect complement for specific hair loss treatments.

It stimulates cellular activity in the hair growth phase and encourages cell functions of scalp and hair thanks to its specific formula stimulating blood micro-circulation

How to use

Separate the hair into lines and apply the product directly to the scalp with the help of the cannula.
Massage gently in a circular motion with the fingertips to facilitate penetration and spread evenly.
Do not rinse.


Salicylic acid and resorcinol.
Eliminates the dead cells. Keratolytic effect.
Piroctone Olamine
Controls the excessive production of cells on the scalp.
Biologically active signaling proteins.
Stimulate scalp cells and counteract premature hair loss.
Aloe vera and soy peptones.
Calming and soothing action. Tones and restructures the hair
Yeast Extract.
Booster to increase the cells energy potential and contribute to cell regeneration.