Loss Control Shampoo

Loss Control Treat-Shampoo

Emollient mask suitable for the treatment of hair loss.

Activates the blood micro-circulation.

Emollient base formulated for treating hair loss.

  • Its peeling effect due to specific active ingredients.
  • Active ingredients helps preparing scalp for receiving the biological active ingredients (PENTACIDIL tonics).
  • The scalp is ready to absorb the active ingre- dients making absorption easy and stimula- ting blood micro-circulation.
  • A balance-effect takes place in the skin and hair. It works relaxing muscles, removes dead cells and softens skin.

How to use

Apply the mask directly to the scalp before washing hair.
Spread on the scalp while massaging.
Leave for 5'.
Rinse with plenty of water.
Wash the hair with anti-hair loss Shampo.xil.


Eucaliptus extract.
Anti-inflammatory and calming properties.