Ampolla para puntas secas
Wheat-Soy Protein es una ampolla para puntas secas

Soy Protein

Cationic treatment for the restructure of the hair cuticle.

Nourishes and restructures.
Strengthens and repairs the fiber from the root.
Helps with the maintenance and durability of the color.
Increases the shine and softness of the hair.

Cationic treatment for the restructure of the hair cuticle. It contains soy and Aloe Vera. Non-rinse. It is a specific deep cuticular restructuring treatment for very sensitized and chemically-damaged colored hair. It provides high nourishing and restructuring action, while prolonging color.

When hair is chemically-damaged, or after a technical service: color, perm, highlights, or when hair has urgent need of restoring moisture, vitality protection and nourishing, the use of the SOY PROTEIN is really positive.

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How to use

Shake the product before use.
Pour the contents of 1 vial (single dose) onto the hair and massage gently.
Do not rinse.
Single dose


Soy hydrolyzed proteins.
Strengthen and repair the fiber.
Aloe Vera.
Maintains hydration.