Shave + Care
200 ml. / ref. AKM0001

Shave + Care

Hydrating balm cream for a smooth, close shave without irritation.

Softens the hair to facilitate the shave.
Helps to get a close shave, hydrates and softens.
Fresh effect.
Soothing action.

Hydrating cream for daily shave. The razor slides smoothly and comfortably, ensuring a close, deep shave. Thanks to its nutrients, it actively protects against cuts and irritations and prevents reddening of the skin. The hydrating, nourishing and toning ingredients regenerate and rejuvenate the skin instantly, leaving it smooth and terse, with a pleasant sensation of freshness and comfort.

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How to use

Apply a suitable amount to the face, massaging the cream gently and shave as normal.
After shaving, wet the face with cold water.
After-shave lotion is not needed.


Hydrating, nourishing and toning ingredients.