Champu para cuero cabelludo sensible

Sensitive Shampoo

Tonic solution for the treatment of hair loss.

Cold-hot thermal effect. Activates blood micro-circulation and oxygenates the tissues.
Nourishing effect Energy input that boosts cell regeneration.
Protective action. Protecting the scalp against harmful external agents.

Tonic solution especially formulated for preventing hair-loss and for maintenance for any types of hair, this tonic made of amino-acids and active substances increasing blood circulation on scalp, makes the hair growing phase last longer.

Triple-effect: Cold-warm thermal feel, boosts blood circulation and nourishes and provides rich substances that ensure cellular regeneration. Cares scalp and protects it from external harmful agents.

How to use

Wash hair with hair-loss Shampoo.xil. Break the vial (single dose) and with the help of the cannula apply the tonic while massaging the scalp.
In more extreme cases, carry out the treatment 3 times per week for 2-3 consecutive weeks.
For preventative action or maintenance, apply 1-2 times per week during 5-6 weeks.
Do not rinse.


Salicylic acid and resorcinol.
Eliminates the dead cells. Keratolytic effect.
Biologically active signaling proteins.
Stimulate scalp cells and counteract premature hair loss.
Aloe vera and soy peptones.
Calming and soothing action. Tones and restructures the hair
Rubefacient effect which increases the blood flow and facilitates oxygenation of the area.