Neutralizing Conditioner

Neutralizing conditioner in cream form.

Guarantees durability of the perm.
Respects the capillary structure.
Conditions the hair, leaving it soft, silky and flexible.
Regenerates the disulfide bridges broken by the perm.

This creamy neutralizing conditioner gives perm resistance while respecting and giving hair a natural feel.

It creates perfect curls. Conditioners are activated during the process, when hair fibers are more receptive. It leaves a soft, silky and elastic hair feeling.

How to use

Apply the neutralizer to hair that is in rollers.
Leave on for 5 minutes and remove the rollers.
Recoat the hair with the neutralizer, prioritizing the ends and leave for another 5 minutes.
Rinse with plenty of water.


Quaternary polymers
that condition the hair.
Polyglycol esters
that regenerate the disulfide bridges that have been broken by the perm.