Vial.Xil Dandruff

Treatment in tonic form specifically for dandruff.

Greatly reduces dandruff.
Regulates sebum, purifies and soothes.
Eliminates itchiness of the scalp.
Acts against the flaking of the scalp.

VIAL.XIL DANDRUFF is a tonic solution. This skin tonic relaxes scalp and it is an intensive dan- druff reducer. It is highly efficient taking out scalp sloughing. It brings a natural soothing effect, taking out scalp itching. It’s highly nourishing and relaxing

How to use

Make 3 partitions in the upper area of the head – one in the centre and two at the sides.
Apply the tonic directly to the scalp, 10 drops in each partition.
Massage gently in a circular motion with the fingertips to facilitate penetration and spread evenly.
Do not rinse.


Piroctone Olamine
Controls the excessive production of cells on the scalp
Eucaliptus extract.
Astringent, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Arnica extract.
Stimulates the blood flow. Calming action.
Calendula extract.
Calming and hydrating properties.