Abisinia Óleum

Abisinia Oleum Repair

Repairing serum with Abyssinian oil. Deeply nourishes and repairs the hair.

Repairs split ends
For use on all hair types
Softens and gives shine
Long-lasting protection y conditioning

For use on all hair types.. Nourishes and repairs the hair, provides long-lasting conditioning and protection against breakage and prevents split ends. Restores hair that has been dehydrated and punished. Makes brushing easier. The oil and silicone base aids repair, achieves spectacular softnessand shine in the hair.

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How to use

Put 1 or 2 doses of the product onto the palm of the hand,
apply to wet hair and spread evenly.
After brushing, get another dose of the serum.
Firstly apply to the ends, afterwards to all the hair.
Do not rinse.
For Daily use


High performance silicones.
Softens and Offer thermal protection.