• Treatments Pentacidil Aidha Klher

    PENTACIDIL is a specific range of treatment for hair problems (hair loss, dandruff, oily hair).
    High-quality products made for bringing health back to your hair.

    PENTACIDIL products are formulated with effective sea and plant actives, including an essential aminoacid  powerful concentrate that brings the energy for recovering hair growth.

    Its ingredients give strength and prolong hair growth. Its unique formula perlongs  collagen's action.
  • DERMOMASK.XIL HAIR LOSS Pentacidil Aidha Klher

    Emollient base formulated for treating hair loss. Its peeling effect thanks to specific active ingredients helps preparing scalp for receiving the biological active ingredients  (PENTACIDIL tonics).

    BENEFITS: The scalp is ready to absorb the active ingredients making absorbtion easy and stimulates blood micro-circulation. A balance-effect takes place in the skin and hair. It works relaxing muscles, removes dead cells and softens skin.

    20 ml / 1000 ml
  • ANTI HAIR-LOSS SHAMPOO.XIL Pentacidil Aidha Klher


    Specific anti-hair-loss treatment shampoo. Its active ingredients, aminoacid and essential oils stimulate blood micro-circulation, maximizing PENTACIDIL tonic’s action. Increases hair shine, volume and smoothness.

    Allows an optimal hair care, stimulating blood micro-circulation with a balancing effect. Stronger, more shiny, helathier hair.

    250 ml / 1000 ml

  • SHAMPOO.XIL CASPA Pentacidil Aidha Klher


    Highly effective daily treatment shampoo with anti-dandruff power.
    Control’s concentrated formula regulates scalp functions and reduces dry itchy scalp, thanks to his anti-bacteria action. Respects hair fibers while restoring moisture and natural beauty.

    Powerful anti-dandruff effect, eliminating impurities and reducing itchy scalp, while regulating moisture.

    250 ml / 1000 ml

  • DAILY SHAMPOO.XIL FOR OILY HAIR Pentacidil Aidha Klher


    Daily treatment shampoo gentil cleansing oily hair.

    Regulates lipid excess, restablishing the sebacious glands and fiber correct activity. Provides an anti-bacterial and healing effect, deeply purifying and leaving maximum shine.

    RESULT: normal seb glands functions are restored thanks to its regulation and balancing action on seb. Restablidhes skin’s natural protection, thanks to its soothing action..

    250 ml / 1000 ml

  • VIAL.XIL / TONIC.XIL Pentacidil Aidha Klher


    Hydro-alcoholic hair lotion, specific for hair loss problems. Its unique protein and essential amino-acids formula, with natural vitamins and stimulating enzymes is the perfect complement for specific hair loss treatments.

    RESULTS: Stimulates cellular activity in the hair growth phase. Encourages cell functions of scalp and hair thanks to its specific formula stimulating blood micro-circulation.

    100 ml / 10 blisters of 6 ml

  • VIAL.XIL COMPLEX Pentacidil Aidha Klher


    Especially formulated for preventing hair-loss and for maintenance for any types of hair, this tonic made of amino-acids and active substances increasing blood circulation on scalp, makes the hair growing phase last longer.

    RESULTS: Triple-effect. Thermal cold/warm. Encourages blood circulation . Nourishes, provides rich substances that ensure cellular regeneration. Cares scalp and protects it from external harmful agents.

    10 blisters of 6 ml

  • VIAL.XIL ENERGY Pentacidil Aidha Klher


    Natural herbal extracts tonic that provide great comfort to hair and scalp. Reduces scalp itching, regulates and soothes while providing a fresh sensation and an energising action ensuring brilliance and vitality.

    RESULTS: It has an astringent and balancing action and acts as a tonic. It stimulates scalp micro-circulation, encourages a natural soothing effect. Its vegetable extracts concentrate reduces itchy scalp, giving a pleasant and fresh sensation.

    10 blisters of 6 ml

  • SHAMPOO BIOTIN Pentacidil Aidha Klher


    Enriched with vitamins from Biotin + Keratin, this frequent use shampoo provides nutrients to hair roots and  helps restoring Keratin.

    RESULTS: encourages hair growth, protecting it from breaking and leaving hair shiny. Hair becomes ticker and looks more abundant.

    1000 ml

  • BIOTIN BALM Pentacidil Aidha Klher


    Deeply restores hair fiber.

    Deeply repairs hair. Formulated with nutrient-rich and moisturizing ingredients, it brings flexibility to hair and makes styling easier.

    RESULTS: brings smoothness and shine to hair. Regenerates hair fibers. Hair has more strenghth and recovers original structure.

    1000 ml